I was born and raised in South Texas to parents from Mexico. I am currently enrolled in the graduate journalism program at the University of Texas at Austin but my career in the newsgathering/storytelling world began in 2007 at an Entravision station in McAllen, TX.


I can honestly say that I don’t know where I would be if I had not been hired at my local Univision station so many years ago as a cameraman – my boss used to chastise me for not calling myself a videojournalist, but a rose by any other name...well you know.


As a cameraman, I loved travelling around the Rio Grande Valley shooting footage and setting up live shots, but at the insistence of my colleagues and boss I gave in and tried out for reporter. I got the gig and quickly became senior reporter for Fox 2 News.


I worked as reporter for a year but wanted more of a challenge. I then applied for and was hired as reporter/producer for the City of Edinburg’s ECN12. Even though I was producing longer pieces, this was not the challenge I was looking for and began to lose interest.


Fortunately this did not last long because I was “poached” by the Census Bureau to lead their media operations throughout most of Texas. After the 2010 Census Operation I decided to return to school in order to enhance my skill set and this is where you find me.


I am particularly interested and active in burgeoning field of competitive video games journalism.